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About Me

From my first photography class at the age of 16, I really have been obsessed. I feel so thankful to have started my studies in a proper dark room with wet film, real developing chemicals and an in-depth understanding of how photography works and is essentially ‘painting with light’. Having lived in London for six years until 2016, photography and videography have both played a huge part in my career, from working at the BBC, to writing my own blog about London living which I eventually turned into a London-based lifestyle magazine, all of which I wrote and photographed myself.


When I relocated back to Lincoln from Hackney, I discovered that the city had changed massively since I last lived here age 23 and that there was a place for a creative and original approach to photography now. I specialise in real, authentic shots which document how a person would naturally behave, laugh, think, move and be – so I set up Rachel London Photography to bring my vision to this beautiful city and I’ve never looked back.


As a person I’m incredibly friendly, warm and outgoing. I love working with children and I love attending weddings to document those incredibly special moments.